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Engine remapping

Diesel Engine Remapping in Nottingham

Gee Diesel Services Ltd offer chip tuning, diesel tuning and diesel remapping via developed software including rolling road tested software. We tune your engine using the latest remapping tuning technology to maximise your vehicle's performance.

Why does your vehicle need engine remapping?

Remapping allows us to change the way your vehicle's engine performs without making any mechanical changes. This way we can optimise the way your vehicle's software performs so that it runs to its full potential and is not limited to the manufacturer’s settings.

In layman’s terms, we re-program the “brain” of your engine by retuning the ECU and loading updated and better software. This increases your engine’s efficiency, leading to better performance and lower fuel consumption.

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Before we start our remapping process, we examine your car, engine and ECU thoroughly so that we can make sure any improvements are well within the original threshold and design parameters. Your car’s reliability will be unaffected to ensure you don’t face any costly engine repair work in the future.

The remapping process

• Gain power

• Improved driveability

• Better fuel efficiency

Benefits of engine remapping

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